PPO Solar Kit

Solar Kit proposed allows to provide a source of electricity to homes and communities without access to electricity in a reliable
and safe way.
Main features:
• Portable and easy to install “Plug and play”
• It incorporates LEAD Carbon battery of high cycling and performance, maintenance free.
• Includes USB ports for charging mobile phones.
• Connector for LED lamps 12 Vdc and DC/DC converter to use DC electric devices.

– Solar Module: 1x SolarModule Poly130/150 Wp
– Battery AGM Lead Carbon: 1x Battery AGM REXC70 30% DoD.- 8000 cicles, 70% DoD.- 2200 cicles.
– Control Unit: 1x Control Unit, 1 x DC/DC converter
– 12 Vcc& DC/DC: DC connector to DC LED lamp
– USB 5V & Display: 2x USB 5V and Display
– Protection Devices: DC Protection Breakers – ON/OFF Indicator

Data Sheet